Thursday, October 01, 2009

One of a Kind Fall Fashion

I have always loved unique fashion. So when I saw these stylish 2009 fall fashion by Leifsdottir, I knew that I found one of a kind fashion. Don't you think that these outfits are retro looking with a little steampunk fashion to them? I totally agree!

Most of these lovely designs can be found in Anthropologie. What I like about this store is that they add a little bit of retro flare to their items. Every time I go to this store I come out happy with great fashion ideas. Now that fall is here, why not add a little of pizazz to your wardrobe. Gals, it is time to take out those long forgotten winter accessories and put it to good use!

This fashion is very Russian looking. I love the vintage inspired jacket and the rider hat.

Net pantyhose is a must for the fall, you will look sophisticated while it keeps your legs warm.

The first instance when I saw this dress I thought about a deck of cards. Is like seeing a character from Alice in Wonderland.

You know that I am a big fan of gloves. I love wearing long gloves with a short sleeve dress. I love also the ruffle scarf that this model is wearing. What a great idea if you are going for a more glamours look!

Be inspired and have fun!




Ms. B said...

I love Leifsdottir! I have a coat from them that I bought last year and blogged about that I absolutely love!

Carmen Johnson said...

Cool! I am looking forward to reading about it in your blog! I love visiting fashionable blogs.

Thanks for stopping by.



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