Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Known Dress

One of the positive things of being a petite woman is that a little dress can become a regular size dress for us. I have to admit that when I go shopping I get flustered when I can't find clothes that properly fit me and that look womanly. So whenever I find these cute dresses that are supposed to be mini for a tall woman I jump up in excitement, because I know for sure that it will fit me perfectly!

Here are several little dresses that I found from Modcloth that have that French flare.

This dress features a delicate bow neckline and rich gold and chocolate stripes. Perfect for admiring the French countryside!

This old Hollywood inspired dress has a lovely ruffled collar. It also comes with a matching belt. The pencil cut skirt is a classic touch for any well-rounded wardrobe.

This pink ruffled and pleated dress is great for a romantic date! The sheer, chiffon bodice with swirled, gathered sleeves adds a soft touch. The sleek, black skirt's angles, pleats, and pockets gives it that sophisticated twist.

I love royal blue colors. And this royal blue bib top pencil dress is definitively stylish. The sheer ruffle trim adds that feminine touch.

Aren't these dresses cute?

I absolutely love them!

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