Wednesday, July 29, 2009

City Moment: South Beach

These are some pictures of the famous Art Deco District of South Beach. South Beach has a very popular road called Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road, which is an outdoor mall in South Beach have plenty of restaurants, shops and plenty of places to sit and enjoy a lovely walk with your dog. The black and white pictures below were taken in the 50's and 60's when Lincoln Road was still a popular place. Though in the late 70's through the 80's Lincoln Road and pretty much most of Miami Beach had taken an economic hit. Many of the stores and restaurants of Lincoln Road were closed. And the mall which was once a busy place became pretty empty and lifeless.

Then in the mid 90's Lincoln Road once again made a turn, but for the better. Many investors and business people saw the potential of Lincoln Road. Side walks were reconstructed, buildings were remodeled and palm trees were added to this lovely outdoor mall. A few years ago not only Lincoln Road but also the whole Art Deco District, had received a total face lift.

nd what makes this place so retrochic is that they have kept the Art Deco style through out the city: Pastel colors, curves and the unique triangle shape lines have once again decorated this beach area. South Beach is one of the favorite tourist destination in Florida. Come and visit Lincoln Road in South Beach. I am sure that you are going to Love it!

Welcome to Lincoln Road!

Do you remember Woolworth? We use to love going to Woolworth for breakfast, then afterward we will go shopping. This store was located between Washington Ave and Lincoln Rd. Even though Woolworth closed several years, I could still smell the eggs and bacon when I pass by this location.

Many years ago Lincoln Rd had a Sacks Fifth Avenue. You can see the store right hand side of this picture. This store was opened back in 1929 and was one of the first full-line year-round Sacks Fifth Avenue store.

This is an aerial view of Lincoln Rd mall before the street was closed for traffic. You can appreciate the lovely palm trees, the Art Deco buildings and the old fashion buses and cars.

South Beach is such a classy city!

I invite to explore it!



Website: City Of Miami Beach

Photo:Florida State Library and Wikipedia Commons.

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