Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Betsy

One of my favorites retro towns here in Florida is the City of Celebration! Whenever I visit this place I feel like I am stepping back in time! The homes and streets in Celebration are designed to reflect that Old Americana town feel. This place is also all so romantic. For these reasons I decided to make my "Date in Celebration" film.

As an amateur film maker, I learned many things as we filmed our first retro film. First, I should have written down and learn the dialogue for when I was in front of the camera. That way I wouldn't make too many boo boos. Second, we should have filmed earlier in the day, when the weather was cooler. By noon I melting like a Popsicle, and that wasn't a pretty sight. I didn't have a professional makeup artist that could touch up my hair and makeup.

Over all, I love learning new things. I think now of how complex it is in making a film. Also when you do your own film and put your own ideas into it, you kind of feel proud that you accomplish something nice and that you get to share it other people.

Making this film with my hubby was a lot of fun. We worked as a team and took time to hear each other ideas and suggestions.

My hubby and I love spending time walking together holding hands. I can't wait for when we go back to Celebration for another date!

Here is the link of my film:"A Date In Celebration."

Enjoy your Monday!



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