Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fall Fashion Mirage

This Summer's heat is making me have a Fall Fashion mirage. Designer Alexander McQueen is always bringing to the cat walk many unique designs. At a distance I had spot some lovely outfits from Alexander's collection. I am excited to share with you my personal favorite picks!


Black is always elegant. Here the designer wasn't afraid to make an all black outfit. What makes this outfit work are it's tailored classic lines. The top piece flares out a bit to add a feminine look. Very dramatic, I might add.

The model here is ready to go horseback riding. These fall colors work so well together! The trousers are in a mocha color. The fitted jacket is in a creamy light brown color. The golden fur scarf adds a punch of color to the ensemble.

Ready for a trip to the big city? I totally love Argyle! The model here is not only wearing Argyle socks, but she is also wearing Argyle gloves. The designer added additional top layers with the jacket and with the scarf. And he kept a tailored look for the pencil skirt.

The little black dress is here redefined! The designer kept the top part of the dress feminine with an off the shoulder neck line. The middle part of the dress was kept sleek and form fitting. And the element of surprise is the bottom bubble design.

Red is one of my favorites pop out color for when I wear black. Here the model is wearing a lovely red shiny mod sleeveless dress. Underneath she is wearing black fitted long sleeves and tights.

In all of these different ensembles the model is wearing pretty much the same accessories: Black or dark brown hat, black ankle boots, and the different gloves.

I am sure that these ensembles will inspire you
to add new style to your fall wardrobe!

Thanks to Cafe Hangout for the pictures!

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