Friday, July 10, 2009

Stepford Factory

StepFord Factory 2 copy

Artists from around the world are committed to draw once a year. They call it "Drawing Day." So last year, on the Drawing Day, I went ahead and brushed up on my drawing. Back then, I haven't drawn for some time. I had to kind of practice shapes and forms to get my hand to the artist mode. It took me awhile until I finally felt comfortable with drawing in pencil again.

"Now what should I draw?" I asked myself. I wanted to draw something totally different from my usual Bohemian Girl Collection. I wanted it to be unique and unusual, but still in the Retro Pop Art category. I thought then of something that reminded me of Retro living. So the Stepford Wives movie came to mind. Yes, I have to admit I liked that movie. It's funny because I love to be the typical Homemaker Wife. Even though the movie was kind of making fun of the cookie cutter wife, I thought that it made my homemaker skills look easier.

I started to make a mannequin form, that was fitted with an apron and I added a touch of sparkle with a pearl necklace. Then I drew a face of a mannequin, which as you can see I added for the background effect. Then I repeated the mannequin forms and just changed her dress colors, to give it that Pop Art look. And viola, my freshly made Retro Pop Art " Stepford Factory" came about!

My "Stepford Factory" design is being featured below in this Jumbo size tote bag! Click the bag to visit my Bohemian Girl Shop!

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Have a fun weekend!

P.S. If you happened to enjoy the Stepford's Wives movie, you are for sure going to enjoy the article "How To Be a Stepford" on the Time Warp Wives website.

My Stepford Factory design is copyrighted by Carmen Johnson.

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