Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Love Retro Shoes!

Why girls love high heels? What is not to love. High heels makes us look taller, our legs longer and our gluteal muscles more defined. And as we all know what completes a good outfit are a great pair of shoes. Ladies, the key here is to find that special on-of-a-kind shoe that will never go out of style and that goes well with most of your outfits.

I found these cute retro shoes at
Daddy O's that will be perfect to wear for different occasions!

I just love these unique shoes!

These shoes are like retro Parisian! These lovely black t-strap vintage inspired heels have white piping, peep toe and double buckle closure. I love the cone heels, which are
perfect for dancing!

I love these black and white polka dot shoe with red accents! These shoes have a peek- a -boo toe, which is so stylish!

As you probably have noticed I love everything black and white. And these Mary Janes black shoes with white trim are so the kind that I will always wear. Aren't they sophisticated?

Happy shoe shopping!

All of these shoes featured in today's post are from Daddy O's.


Pinky said...

loooove these

Carmen Johnson said...

I know aren't they cute?

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