Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miss Vintage Lace

Meet Miss Vintage Lace. She is one of my favorites vintage dresses that I own!

bought my black vintage lacy slip dress at an antique shop several years ago. This dress is soft, pretty, and very feminine. My mannequin is the one that always gets to wears this dress in my Paris room.

Excuse me miss! Here I am trying on my lovely dress. So you can see how it looks on me. Not too bad for a 60 year old dress! When I try on this dress I always make sure that my finger nails are properly filed. That way I won't accidentally pull any threads.

One of my best feature of this dress is the bateau neck line top. You can never go wrong with a bateau neck line dress, which will always be a classic look. And it is very flattering for any girl to wear!

Here is my whole ensemble!

*Black vintage lacy slip dress ~ Antique shop.
*Black pencil skirt ~ Gap.
*Black and white t-strap shoes ~ Newport News
*Black vertical stripe stockings ~ Sock Dreams.
*Vintage gold lace clutch ~ Friend.
*Vintage style black earrings with rose buds and three faux diamonds,
from my sister. Priceless!

After my photo shoot I had to dress my mannequin back with her dress.

She is such a lady!

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