Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy For Bread & Butter!

Food! Who doesn't love food? I totally love it! Though, sometimes food could become my worst frenemy.

Because of health reasons, I do have a restrictive diet. For many years I couldn't eat many things that I used to enjoy. I know life can sometimes through you a couple of hiccups on the way. Though, thanks to a great natural doctor, and some supplements, I could once again enjoy some great food!

One of the many things that I could now enjoy occasionally, is bread! Oh, how I missed it! I would salivate when I saw someone taking a piece of bread along with their heavily seasoned spaghetti sauce! It was hard for me to feel somewhat left out, when all I could eat was a simple Caesar salad, which was perhaps the only food that I could eat whenever we will go out to a restaurant. Of course having great company was priceless, like that commercial says.

Now as a newborn baby, I am again experimenting with new foods! Though, I still have to be cautious, because sometimes I ended up paying for it. Like for instance two months ago, I was in the kitchen making one of my favorites soups, cream of squash. In my pot I added squash, some milk, brown sugar, a couple of spoons of butter, than I finish it off by sprinkling some cinnamon. I then asked hubby to try the soup. He tried a couple of spoons of it. And like the cute mouse from my favorite cartoon movie Ratatouille, he made his suggestions by adding more ingredients to my soup.

My hubby is not a chef or a cook, like some husbands are. I just wanted my hubby to try some squash soup. I thought that if he was also behind the cooking process and added his own suggestions, that he will at the end eat some of his vegetables.

You see my hubby doesn't care much for vegetables.Whenever I would add a side of vegetables to his diner, it was left untouched. So after many years later, I kind of cave in to his preferences. Well, that is what marriage is all about. As a matter of fact, I am thinking of purchasing the books The Sneaky Chef or Deceptively Delicious, that way I can make sure that he eats his veggies, without him noticing it. My little secret!

Anyhow to make a long story short, the soup turn out a great hit! That is, a hit to my stomach. My tummy couldn't handle all of that extra cinnamon. And can you believe that I am still paying for it. For several weeks, all I could do was lay down on the couch and watch TCM, which by the way is making me an old movies expert!

So what does the title of my post, "Happy for Bread and Butter", have to do with the story. Well, even though I might hold off on the cinnamon for now, I am still enjoying some good things of life! And that leads me to the happy part of my story. I am so thrilled to share with you my new and favorite bread and butter combination: Pumpernickel bread with honey butter!

If it wasn't for Sweet Tomatoes, I wouldn't have been able to rediscover my passion for bread and butter! If you are not familiar with Sweat Tomatoes, it's an all you can eat salad, soup, and pasta buffet restaurant, And the best part of this story is that this is the only restaurant that hubby gets to eat all of his veggies!

At the end, my hubby is happy. I am happy. And my tummy feels happy, after of course, I eat all of my salad with my two slices of pumpernickel bread with honey butter!

I am a happy and grateful girl!



Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Jonathan Gill.

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