Monday, October 05, 2009

Comfort Food

When I am having a crazy day, I think more about food. Doesn't that happen to you, that If you are having a bad day, that you feel like eating something out of the ordinary? When that craving sets off, I can't seem to be happy until I get that sweet, salty, greasy thing in my mouth.

Today I felt like having one of those nasty greasy cheeseburger that you can only get from a diner, the one that the grease and ketchup drips down your mouth! Yummy!

My favorite of all comfort food is chocolate. And I am sure that that is also a big favorite for most people. There you are working at the office and having to put up with a demanding boss, with rude customers, and with dirty mouth coworkers. Buy the end of the day, you just had enough, and you loudly say, " I need a break!"

Then you end up going to that corner place you see everyday, but you never dared to go in. Then it was that day you had enough, you need that break. "Charlie give me a chocolate malt, triple that! I am having a bad day.

I know that kind of sounds like the add of that one hamburger chain. Though there is something true about this statement, in that when we want a break from our problems we tend to want to indulge in some form of food or drink. There is something in our brain that says, " I am stressed, give me food."

So no matter if you have a leaking roof right in the middle of your living room, you are happy because you just had the best french fries in your life! Who cares about the leaking roof, look I am a happy and I have a wonderful life!

There is something about comfort food that no medicine can fix. And that is,

it sure taste good!



P.S. I took the idea of chocolate malt from the scene of Back to the Future, when Marty's dad George was going to ask Lorraine to the dance. I just love this movie!

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