Sunday, October 18, 2009

Call me Victoria Jones!

I love weekends because it gives me time to reboot my mind. What does a girl to do when she wants to relax? Well, I for one love music. Right now I am enjoying a little bit of oldies before I watch the online Cicada Club performers. I am listening to Bing Crosby, the Andrew sisters and Billie Holiday. When I listen to this music I imagine that I am a jazz singer star back from the 40's. And that my name is Victoria Jones. I just love it!

I always wanted to learn how to sing. When I was little, I use to perform. I used to sing and dance in front of hundreds of people. It was fun and it had nothing to do with winning an award of any kind. Over the years, as I got older I realized that my voice needed some real tune up. So while I was in junior high I started taking singing lessons. Unfortunately I didn't continue taking the lessons, and my voice stayed stagnant.

I admit that I don't have a great singing voice. Though I am modest enough to say that my voice isn't that bad either. I know that I have plenty of room for improvement.

Would that stop me from singing? No sir! I don't care if I sound like a shaky chicken or a goose. I am proud of my singing voice. Singing makes me happy. And even if I don't fit the standard of perfect voice, when I sing I am Victoria Jones, and yes I have a beautiful voice that will make you melt like a sundae on a winter's day!

I got to go now the Cicada Club Show is on!


Carmen Aka Victoria Jones

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