Thursday, October 15, 2009

Body Butter

Now that the cold season is on it's way, I have to make sure to maintain a healthy and soft skin. I don't know about you, when I don't put on my creams my skin turns into an alligator skin. It not only looks bad, but it feels bad also. Trust me it isn't a nice sight!

I am a huge fan of butter creams. I think butter creams are best for my skin. The natural oils penetrates better into the skin, and my skin feels smoother much longer.

Have you heard of Notorious Kitsch? This neat retro online store carry a wide variety of retro products for you and your home! I especially love the body butter that they carry. You will totally enjoy layering your skin with the natural and delicious ingredients.

Recently I interviewed Fiona, the owner of Notorious Kitsch for Time Warp Wives. Fiona is very passionate about her retro store. She loves looking for the best quality items that her customers will love.

To read more of Fiona's interview visit: Time Warp Wives Interviews!

This creamy body butter is an exquisite combination of Peach and Mango extract with added Vitamin E. This lovely cream will naturally replenishes the skin helping to give it a healthy glow. I love a healthy skin glow!

Green Apple, Maple and Blueberry body butter. Rich in natural extracts that help to revitalize and moisturize the skin. I know my skin will love this!

An irresistible, sumptuous combination of nourishing and enticing Strawberry and Vanilla extracts! Now that sounds delicious!

Skin Love!




Ms. B said...

Those sound lovely! I'll have to check them out!

Carmen Johnson said...

And they come in such a cute container!

Kori said...

These are great! I love the packaging! Keep up the great work. Kori xoxo

Carmen Johnson said...

Hello Kori,

Welcome to The Retrochic Corner! Thanks for your lovely comment.



Anonymous said...

Hey: I didn't know if y'all knew that these body butters are available at Rite Aid drugstores. And they are great...I have been using them on my alligator skin for several years....

Carmen Johnson said...

Thanks Anonymous for letting us know that Rite Aid has these butter creams!

Anonymous said...

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