Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pepé Le Pew

I present to you my doggie Chewie! Three years ago in our wedding anniversary my husband knock on the front door pretending to be a UPS guy. When I opened the door I didn't see anyone. But then, when I looked down, I saw what happen to be a hairy creature starring right at me. I looked out to the street to see if somebody must have accidentally left this cute puppy on my front door. A few minutes later my husband came out from hiding and said "happy anniversary"! I was so excited that day!

I have been wanting to have a doggie for while. I grew up always having a dog. Our dogs where part of the family. And several years ago when I became ill, I wanted to have a companion for when my husband had to go to work, so that way I wouldn't feel completely alone. My doggie has surely brought me so much happiness.

I am proud to say that my doggie is a mutt. He is half Australian Shepard and half Jack Russel Terrier. That is why Chewie ended up so cute. The first few days Chewie was super shy, walking around the house with his ears down. We thought for sure that he was going to be a quiet dog. But then, as he got use to the fact that he was at home, his energetic self came out!

Have you ever seen a circus dog jumping and running everywhere? I felt that we have adopted a circus dog. Our dog have to go for his walk and exercise everyday. If he doesn't he will be a very sad dog. And besides being energetic he is so intelligent! A few days after we got him, I was worried that he was not eating enough. So one day I looked straight at his eyes and just told him, "go eat your food," and sure enough my doggie got up and walked to the kitchen and started to eat his food. I was so blown away by this, that right away I had to tell my husband!

hewie has a very unique personality. He is very expressive, that he even has a unique howling. At the vet where we got him, they use to call him "woo, woo". Whenever we get ready to go for a car ride, he will go "woo, woo" many times. Perhaps in his doogie language he is saying, "Oh good, oh good, we are going for a car ride"! Can you believe that we can't even say or spell the words "car ride" in our house, or else Chewie's ears will perk up and will start jumping and howling.

One more unique thing that Chewie does that is so amazing, is that he hops. I have never seen a dog hop like a rabbit! Whenever we will opened the back door for him to run to the back yard,
Chewie will hop out like if he was Pepé Le Pew! I just love my doggie!

He is such a happy dog!

And I am a very happy and proud mom!


Penny said...

Chewie is so cute! And hopping? That's so unusual & funny :)

Carmen Johnson said...

Hello Penny,

Thanks for your comment! It is so funny to watch Chewie hoping around. He must be a new doggie rabbit breed.


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