Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Paris Room

love to share with you some pictures of my Paris Room! I totally love my little retrochic corner, because is where I can retreat from my hectic activities and be myself. The main colors of my room are: butterscotch for the walls, golden green fabrics for sofa and curtain. I decided to decorate my Paris room with colors that where calm and yet elegant and glamours. I so love the lovely effects!

Here is my circa 1940's vanity next to my brown clothes organizer. My vanity is where I do my hair and makeup. So I decided to put my vanity right near the window. That way, I will have enough light, for when I get dolled up. Eventhough my Queen Ann antique stool did not come with my vanity, it was still a perfect size. I covered the stool cushion with a luxurious pillow cover. The old cushion fabric was pretty much tattered.

My Paris room is where I also have my retro brown clothes organizer. I don't own a lot of clothes. I always believed in having a small wardrobe that have a few classic pieces that I love and fit me well, than having a lot of clothes that soon will be out of style. On top of my closet are some of my hats. I so love the size of my closet, because it is petite like me!

Here is my vintage mannequin standing towards the right side of my vanity. Having this mannequin reminds me of my goal that one day I would want to make my own clothes. I do know how to reupholstered furniture and make pillows and curtain. Though I haven't yet made a wearable outfit that I could wear outdoors.

One of my favorite accessory of my Paris room is my Art Deco mirror! I bought this mirror from a lovely elderly neighbor, who gave me a good price for it. I love the classic Art Deco style of this mirror with it's silvery flowery motif. This mirror makes my Paris room so feminine and sophisticated!

Here is my butterscotch Futon-Bed. My Paris room is very small. So I didn't want to overwhelmed it with a big bed. Having a Futon-Bed is a great solution for a small space. Also as you can see I have covered my Futon with a luxurious comforter, that is elegant and soft to the touch! The comforter set came with small pillows, regular size pillow covers and a bed skirt. Like I mentioned previously I had use a pillow case to cover the stool cushion. I accessorize the Futon with the smaller pillows. And I use the bed skirt for a curtain.

And viola, my Paris room is complete!

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