Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Interview with Dolly Dahl!

I have always loved retro pictures of times gone by. And when I came across Dolly Dahl lovely pictures and retro website, I knew that I wanted to interview her. Dolly loves Home Economics and being a house wife. I am sure that you are going to love Dolly's perky and fun personality!

So here is an introduction of my interview with Dolly Dahl:

“I personally prefer staying home and being a '50's wife', but that doesn’t make me any less interesting to my man."

Born in Virginia but grew up in Scotland. Dolly Dahl lives in a tiny house in Palo Alto which she shares with her husband and their little dog Butters. She loves Marilyn Monroe, Technicolor Musicals and being a Housewifery.

To read more visit:

Time Warp Wives

P.S. I have been so crazy busy this week! My sister have been visiting from out of town. And we have been going to bed very late chit chatting. There is nothing better than to have a sister or a friend to talk, "girl talk". Her visit have been so much fun. I wish it will never end.

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