Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vanity & Fair

This is my brand new circa 1940's vanity! I got this vintage beauty as a surprise gift for my wedding anniversary! My hubby knew that I had an eye on this cutie when I visited my favorite thrift store. So a few days later, my wonderful husband came back home, I opened the garage door and ta ra! There it was, my vanity was home! "Oh sweetie, thank you! You got her! Thank you so much! I love you baby!"

As you have noticed my girly vanity is small and sweet. It is not the glamorous vanity that you would see in the old Hollywood movies. But like a delicate ivory pearl she is pretty in her own rank. And being that I am a very petite woman, it is just the right size for me!

My vanity mirror opens upward like an old school desk and it could be tucked away whenever I want to use it as a writing desk, which is my favorite feature. The middle part is perfect in keeping my jewelry. Also it has two drawers, one on each side, which is where I keep my hair stuff, makeup, and my planner.

My vanity is made out of wood. The top layer is made of a veneer Formica. For the most part my vanity is covered by a lacquer ivory color paint. And this is when I realized that my vanity was not only pretty, but she was darn delicate! Here I was in my garage spraying my vanity with Pledge the multi-surface formula. The top Formica part was nice and clean. The problem developed in the surfaces where the lacquer was, which is pretty much my whole vanity!

The wood had started to bubble. And the paint was starting to peel off the surface. I almost past out when I saw my vanity aging before my very eyes. I immediately got a dry towel and started to dry her up. I couldn't believe that I used this water based and not an oil based wood cleaner. I should have known better. I have been studying for the past several years to become an interior decorator and I should have known the correct way in cleaning an antique. I sure learned my lesson well!

After all have been said and done, my vanity is standing tall and pretty like a delicate and fair lady. Just like me!

And I just love it!

P.S. Oh by the way just to let you know, my vanity is in my Paris room. What Parisian girl doesn't own a vanity?

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