Monday, October 26, 2009

I Have A Crush on Cracker Barrel!

I have always loved homestyle cooking! And whenever I want that special home food meal and I don't feel like cooking, I go to one of my favorites restaurants Cracker Barrel. For any of you that haven't heard or haven't been to Cracker Barrel you are missing one of the best restaurants in the U.S!

Cracker Barrel is a vintagey restaurant chain known for it's homestyle food. The store is easy to spot because it looks like a an old country store with wooden sides and a large porch. When you first step into the store you are warmly greeted by an hostess. The whole store is decorated like a vintage barn home, with old fashion tins, photographs, lamps and all types of country decor
that takes you to that simple home living.

The food is not only delicious and succulent, but it is also less expensive than other restaurants. And there is so much good food to choose from. For Meats you have: Fried, Grilled, or Baked Chicken. Turkey, Pork Chops, Meat Loaf, Roast Beaf, Country Ham, and Fish. For Vegetables you have: Corn, Green Beans, Turnip Greens, Pinto Beans, and Cole Slaw. And for other type of sides you have: Mashed Potatoes, Hashbrown Casserole, Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Apples, Dupplins, Apple Sauce, Cottage Cheese, and Corn Muffins.

And of course we can't forget their breakfast food. Cracker Barrel is known for their tasty
Blueberries Pancakes, Grits, Eggs, and Buttermilk Biscuit with Sawmill Gravy.

Want to reminiscence the past? You should try their root beer!

Make sure that you have room for their nice Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola® Cake! And the ice creams, and the pies. I am telling you, the food is amazing here!

Now one of the other fun thing about this restaurant is that they also sell cute gifts for you and your home. So you can leave full and satisfied with a little scented candle or kitchen towel as part of the whole Cracker Barrel experience! How fun is that?

Want to make great pancakes like the ones from Cracker Barrel? Well, you can! Cracker Barrel sell this Pancake Mix and other food and gift items in their online store!

Last week my hubby and I had a wonderful time at Cracker Barrel. Whenever we go is like we are going on a date. We left happy and in love!



Photo: Creative Commons and Cracker Barrel

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