Friday, July 03, 2009

My Traveling Luggage

Here is my circa 1940's vintage luggage that I own! I had bought my luggage at my favorite thrift store back in January before heading to the 2009 Art Deco Festival.

I have been wanting to get a vintage luggage that was sturdy, elegant, and 40's looking. I was thrilled that it was exactly the kind of luggage that I was looking for!

There are so many pluses about my vintage luggage. When I traveled to Miami Beach with my luggage, I was confident that she could handle toughness. Besides being nice and sturdy, she is in great mint condition and she came with a set of keys, which makes it so more secure for traveling. Can you believe that she only cost me $11, yes very affordable! And last but not least, when I started to pack my things, she was able to accommodate my clothes, hats, and purses perfectly!

I just love a great vintage find!

See you next week!



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