Wednesday, July 01, 2009

All About Aprons

Aren't these aprons cute? There are from Anthropologie and are now in my wish list! I so love these aprons designs for so many reasons. First these aprons are so classy. I believe that no matter what we are doing, even when we are baking a batch of cookies, it is always nice for a girl to look stylish and classy! Also these aprons are full length and they are not like plain Janes, they look like pretty summer dresses. That will mean that your getting an apron and also a dress at the same time. What a great two for one deal! I just love it!

Now the problem will be if I would want to wear one of these aprons while I am cooking. I don't want to ruin my apron with chocolate-flour-egg-mix, that won't look too classy.

Now, I am all inspired to cook today!

True Fact: I only own one vintage apron that I bought from Ebay. It is very girly, perhaps a little young looking. Also my vintage apron is not full length. Many times I have to change my top before having diner. I am very clumsy and my kitchen get's pretty messy when I cook. I just don't why? Sometimes I feel just taking a shower after cooking. T. V cooking shows look so easy. I might have to practice being neat when I cook. Martha do you have any tips for me?

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